SourceTree support moving to Atlassian Community

By on May 9, 2017

Starting Tuesday, May 9th, we will be supporting SourceTree through the new Atlassian Community.

Dedicated support via Atlassian Community

In the past we focused on providing support to SourceTree users with their various setup and configuration issues via Analysing many of these resolutions, we realised that the nature of these support requests didn’t necessitate private contact and the community as a whole could benefit from this knowledge being made public. As a result, we’re dedicating our support staff to focus on offering the same support you know and love via Atlassian Community instead.

Get involved

The additional benefit of this change is the ability for the broader SourceTree community to contribute, learn, and share their knowledge with one another. If you’re keen to learn more from the SourceTree community, take the next step and watch the collection. We’re committed to making sure you get an equivalent quality level of support via Atlassian Community, with the added benefit of your fellow SourceTree users sharing their knowledge and insight of the product as well.