Windows 2.0 gets a fresh look

By on May 18, 2017

SourceTree 2.0 brings massive wins not only for performance, but for design. In this release, we’ve continued to address the number one customer feedback theme: UI complexity. To this end, we’ve brought some much needed consistency and simplicity to the interface.

A proper home for tabs

The Windows App always used tabs for navigating between open repositories, but we knew that those tabs weren’t quite right. The toolbar sat above everything else in the UI, but it only really belonged to the open repo (tab). We’ve swapped those panels so that tabs now live at the top of the hierarchy, much like browser experiences that you are no doubt familiar with.



Here we can see a sort of “topological map” of the various UI panes, charting where we’ve been and where we’re going. As you can see, things were pretty cluttered before. We’re moving toward a more logical and simple layout with more room to review your code.

Familiar paradigms

Through testing and feedback, we learned just how much of a pain the bookmarks pane was.

It became clear that repository lists needed their own dedicated experience. Because we were already using tabs, adding a plus button was a natural fit. If you’re familiar with how to open a new tab in a browser, you’re familiar with SourceTree.

A glimpse at the future


SourceTree 2.0

Coming soon


So what’s next? Here’s a look at where SourceTree is headed.

As always, we’re listening closely to your feedback. Reach out on our community site and tell us what you think.


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