SourceTree for Windows beta signup

By on February 14, 2013

SourceTree on Windows

“SourceTree makes Git a pleasure to use and we need it on Windows.”

You asked, we listened! SourceTree, our powerful Mac client for Git and Mercurial distributed version control systems, is coming to the Windows platform in the next few weeks and we want you to be part of the beta! 

Early Access Program

Atlassian is rolling out an early access program to give developers an advance preview of SourceTree for Windows builds and provide feedback before our general launch. Simply give us your email address and over the next two weeks we’ll be emailing a random selection of users to provide feedback.

Sign up for the Windows early access program

New to SourceTree?

SourceTree makes it easy for anyone to interact with and manage repositories, automate complex command line operations, and visualize changesets across multiple branches and forks. Host your source in Bitbucket, Stash or any other popular hosting tool and work with that source in SourceTree.

SourceTree helps with several common developer needs:

  • Chris Carter

    This is great news, SourceTree is easily the best git GUI client I’ve ever used. Is there any chance we’ll see a SourceTree release for Linux in the nearish future?

    • Anonymous

      We don’t have any plans for a Linux version yet, both the Mac and Windows versions are written specifically for each platform to allow us to deliver the best experience we can. But, never say never 😉

      • Anonymous

        A Linux version will be really great.
        I cross my fingers :p

      • Anonymouse coward

        I fail to understand how it makes more commercial sense to target Windows developers who’re probably using some crappy proprietary solution before Linux users who’d gladly pay for a solid graphical user interface to a solution they’re already using.

        Please reconsider? Git’s lovely, but the command line interface is barely less revolting than CVS </3

        • le epic new meme

          “Probably” is the keyword.

        • Anonymous

          It’s simply about the numbers, for example we see more than twice the number of Windows users than Linux users on Bitbucket. Doing a Windows version before Linux therefore makes sense, but doesn’t preclude a Linux version later.

          • Mosty Mostacho

            Hi steve, I’ll be patiently waiting for a Linux version 🙂 I fully understand the “about the numbers” stuff, but this got me thinking on the mac users. If the amount of linux users are half the amount of windows users, what is the numerical relationship between linux users and mac users? Just wondering 🙂

          • Anonymous

            We see 70% more Mac users than Linux users on It seems that developers like their Macs 🙂

          • fnkr

            How mutch people use Windows in comparison to Mac?

          • Cristián Arenas Ulloa

            If windows gets 200% the amount of linux users, and macosx gets 170%, then there are 2.0/1.7-1 = 17.6% more windows users than mac users

          • aleksei antonovich

            May be that because of your client :).

      • John Hamelink

        Another Linux user here, I’d happily pay over the odds for a solid tool, I’m loving Sourcetree on my mac!

        Edit: I also am quite comfortable with git in the terminal, but when I want to do something particularly fancy, Sourcetree makes it so much nicer to visualise!

  • Alicia

    Awesome! Loved it on Mac so glad it’ll be on windows!

  • Gene Crucean

    Such a great app on osx. Unfortunately I get stuck on windows at work quite a bit.

  • Guest

    Wonderful! I hope I get my invitation soon!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful! I hope I get my invitation soon!!

  • Oli Mortimer

    This is brilliant news! Thanks for listening, Atlassian!

  • Youssef

    No Linux version soon :'(

    • Salih Emin

      It’s ok we have smartgit and GitCola, RabitVCS … tons to choose from …

      You can use GitCola (newbies) or Smartgit (pro’s) to manage directly your repositories hosted on bitbucket

      e.g. GitCola:

      e.g. GitGUI:

      • Anonymous

        While there are other choices, if you work in an large company with a lot of different dev environments it’s nice to have a single tool to standardize around. Sure a lot of people use the CLI, but for a Git GUI, if we could have Mac, Windows, and Linux support, I would be very happy.

        +1 for a linux version.

        • Salih Emin

          True, That is why I mentioned Smartgit which is available for every platform

        • Kamran Mackey

          Why is everyone talking about Linux? It’s an operating system for dummies!!!! Barely anyone uses it, and I wish nobody WOULD use it. It’s not even professional! Like for pete sakes, switch to Windows or OS X if you want a good damn operating system, because Linux just sucks like crap.

          • Jan

            Cmon, how old are you, kid? If you don’t even know what linux is, please, shut up and don’t blame yourself. Linux is more powerfull as Windows or Mac OS, and, Mac is based on *NIX BSD system. So… Writing stupid comments is more for dummies…

          • Kamran Mackey

            I know what Linux is, I used it many times before. I just don’t like it in general. Windows or OS X can do many more things than Linux can. I know this for a fact. And, I’m not a kid, just to let you know.

          • Jan

            If you don’t like it, that doesnt mean that this system suxx or for dummies. And no, OS X can’t do that much as Linux can, since OS X core code is closed.

          • Kamran Mackey

            Who fooping cares if the OS X source code is closed? Of course it’s closed. It’s not open-source. Neither is Windows. But Linux does suck. All of my 600+ friends agree with me.

          • Jan

            Hm… Cause you’re that stupid, that doesn’t mean that Linux suck. All of our Ubuntu community aggree with me that u suck. 🙂

          • Kamran Mackey

            Yeah you’re stupid. Get out of my life you retard.

          • demonkoryu

            Here is the proof: There’s life after braindeath.

          • Rob Thijssen

            Thank you for making me laugh. You’re a very funny child! Now go back to trolling the net with your iPad. The rest of the internets needs you too.

          • Amtriorix

            Such language is not tolerated, boy. Most of those who are here right now are developers. First write Your own project, then talk like the big guys.

          • Amtriorix

            You have no clue. I am the one who did push the Apple team to use a flavor of BSD as underground for their OS, which became OSX. You are talking about GUI experiences with Your school boys. An OS is much more then a graphics interface. Again, inform You before You try to talk as a professional.

          • Amtriorix

            First get some experience in the field, I am a senior developer and I can guarantee You, Linux or xxxBSD is a more professional OS as Your crappy windows You play games on it. Get first Your University degree before you spit out crap on something You have no clue about.

    • Antony Wu

      I use SmartGitHg on Ubuntu

  • Miroslav Shubernetskiy

    Is it going to support git-flow or hg-flow? I don’t see the button. Other than that looks great. Can’t wait.

    • Anonymous

      It won’t be in the initial release, it’ll take a little while for the Windows version to gain all the features of the Mac version (which has been in development for almost 3 years now), but we’ll be actively working on it over the next few months.

      • Francesco Pontillo

        I think git-flow would be the killer feature. I think I’d make my company purchase it all, app and bitbucket space.

        • Kamran Mackey

          SourceTree is free. You don’t have to pay for it.

  • Mark7614

    Great news! Does Windows Sourcetree call git.exe, or is everything embedded eg via gitlib2?

    • Anonymous

      Like the Mac version, we call standard git.exe. This guarantees 100% behaviour parity with the command-line git, and also allows flexibility on what git version you use, either our standard version or one from your system. Some people like to update to beta versions and have SourceTree use that for consistency too.

  • Seth Geib

    You guys never cease to amaze me. THANK YOU!!!! Now we just need some kind of built in web deployment and you will grant all my wishes.

  • Anonymous

    Really good news. Awesome!

  • Igor Santos

    Would I be stoned if I try to run it on WINE?

    Really, really, Linux support would be a must. Even if you notice that GitHub also has no plans for it, so it could be a major differentiation to the biggest competitor.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe .Net 4.5 runs on WINE yet unfortunately. Mono supports it though, so if we did eventually port it I expect a combination of Mono and Gtk# would be the way to go. Not that I’m promising anything yet 😉

    • Kamran Mackey

      Umm, barely anyone uses Linux, so that’s why nobody has plans for it. If I ever built a code hosting site I wouldn’t support Linux either, and that’s mainly cause it sucks, it’s basically just an operating system for dummies. If you’re a professional, use Windows or OS X as those are the two most popular operating systems in the world.

      • Martin Long

        You only show how little you know. Linux runs on more devices than ANY other operating system. It is massively popular as a server operating system, serving a huge proportion of the worlds web pages. The whole of Google runs on Linux, It is the basis of the worlds most popular mobile operating system.

        As far as being for dummies, it is one of the most advanced operating systems, and one of it’s downsides is that a lot of people don’t consider it suitable for non-professionals. It is predominantly used by developers and server ops and admins, typically in professional settings. It has, by far, the most advanced tools for server administration – WAY more advanced that what is offered by Windows. So, you can tell your 600+ ‘friends’ that they are wrong… should give you something to talk about at your next pyjama party.

      • Amtriorix

        Sure, that’s why most of the servers on the internet do run a flavor of Unix, such as debian or OSX because You can find in 30 minutes or less a security hole in any windows os. And if You talk about to be a pro, well trust me, a pro does compile his own kernel and daemons from source. Exactly I prefer FreeBSD and my servers do have almost double speed compared to the school boys who do run crappy windows. You have no authority to put the words in your mouth such as ‘…dummies…the professionals’, because to state such nonsense makes it clear you are not a professional at all.

  • Fajar Suryawan

    What versions of Windows does it support? I can see W8, how about W7 and WXP?

    • Anonymous

      Windows 7+ is supported. We test regularly on Win7 and Win8.

      • diverger

        Oh, so sad. I’m using XP yet. Can you give XP support 🙂

      • diverger

        And i believe there are so many people still using XP

  • Antony Wu

    I do find the SourceTree to be rather user friendly, but there is one thing I have never been able to figure out, which is to filter history based on one individual specific file (That is actually something rather easy to do with SmartGitHg)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you can right-click any file in any window and click ‘Log Selected…’

  • Eliezer Kanal

    Thanks so much! I’ve tried TortoiseGit and GitExtensions, and while both are pretty full-featured, neither has a clean UI. Github’s Windows client is way to sparse and tied to heavily into the website to be much use. I haven’t used this before, but I’m looking forward to trying this!

  • me

    How does this compare with GitHub windows App ?

    • Alex

      GitHub for Windows is essentially Git with stabilisers on. As soon as you gain a deeper understanding of how Git works and a desire to do more complex things with it, then you’ll find GitHub for Windows very limiting.

      • Kamran Mackey

        It’s only limiting because it’s brand-new. They are still adding features to it.

        • fnkr

          You cant do things like push or pull while you still have changed files in your working directory with GitHub for Windows.

          • Kamran Mackey

            Like I said in my last comment, those features will come in a future release of GitHub for Windows. For now I would just recommend using Microsoft Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDE, or Eclipse, since those are the best IDE’s if you are a developer. Also, each of the IDE’s I suggested to you are very extendable with add-ons or extensions. 🙂

            I will give you the links to each IDE I suggested below. Click any link to go to the website of each IDE. And, I personally prefer Visual Studio or IntelliJ IDEA, since they work very well and meet the needs of any developer.

            Microsoft Visual Studio:
            IntelliJ IDEA:

  • Anonymous

    SO EXCITED! Thanks SourceTree Team!

  • diverger

    Great work.

  • Stelian Iancu

    YES! I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear this news!

  • dart

    I’m using ST on mac but I really need this tool for linux… 🙂 Serious – this tool is briliant.

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing! I’ve been recommending SourceTree to people around me, sighed sadly every time the person replied “I’m on windows.” Thanks for spreading this tool to another platform. I believe it’s a great step!

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  • Calvin Allen

    Seems like most questions revolve around git, but it looks like the Mac version supports Mercurial as well. Is that support planned for the Windows version?

  • Augustus

    I love you, Bitbucket team.

  • Pengkui

    Is it going to be a portable version or something that requires installation?

    • Anonymous

      It requires installation, but doesn’t require admin rights.

  • Alfonso Martinez

    Awesome, good to hear! XD

  • DylanHolmes

    So Windows XP and Windows Vista is not supported?

    • Anonymous

      No. Supporting XP in particular would have constrained us going forward and it’s dropping out of support imminently anyway (and devs tend to be quicker to uprade than other users), so it made no sense. Vista user numbers are tiny by all the measurements we have, most people seem to have gone straight from XP to Win7/8, or ditched Vista for Win7 as soon as they could.

  • Edwin

    I believe this single app could replace 2 programs (TortoiseHg and Githg) on my machine. Does it install Mercurial and Git as well?

    • Anonymous

      The initial betas only support Git because we had to prioritise to get it out, but we’ll be adding Mercurial support too for 1.0 over the coming months.

      • Edwin

        Thanks Steve for the feedback. I can manually install the Mercurial though 😀

  • Dana Luther

    I absolutely LOVE SourceTree on my Mac, and it has been so frustrating that there was no windows equivalent. I cannot wait to change the windows development box over to using SourceTree as well!

  • Alex

    Good job guys. It’s the best git/hg client. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Finally a thing I have been waiting for. 🙂
    Now I can think of purchasing a Windows laptop! 🙂

    BTW. Is it compatible with Windows 7?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      Yes, it’s developed for Win7+

  • Daniel

    Are You use QT framework?

    • Stelian Iancu

      He said something about .NET 4.5 above.

  • Francesco Pontillo

    This is AWESOME! Can’t wait for the invitation!

  • Duncan Bayne

    Is there some place to register interest in a Linux version? I’d love to get an email if / when such a thing should emerge.

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      Not yet, we haven’t got any plans for Linux, but as Steve said, we didn’t have any plans for Windows originally either 😉

      • Jan

        If it’s .NET based, not WPF, users should be able to run it under MONO.

  • Guido

    Fantastic news! Love it on the Mac and now we can get the entire team using the same Git tool.

  • Stelian Iancu

    Any idea when will the invitations start to come?

    • Justen Stepka

      Lots of signups. We’ve been sending 1000 every few days to process the incoming suggestions and bugs.

  • Joe

    Great News. Is there any update on when it will be available. Im looking forward to it.

    • Justen Stepka

      We’ll have a general release in a few weeks pending any blockers.

      Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

      • Jan

        We all waiting for this awesome app! Thanks!

  • fnkr

    Anyone here who got an invite email?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      There’ll be quite a few here who’ve had an invite. As Justen said, we’re sending them out in batches of 1000-2000. You may get your invite this week if we do a few batches (fingers crossed!)

      • Kamran Mackey

        If I got one, what would the subject line be?

  • Andrej Dragišić

    When should we expect an invite?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      You should already have one, if not, let us know.

  • Sean Meyer

    Any updates on when this is going to be available?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      If you haven’t already received your invite to download now let us know.

      • Michael Rawlings

        I’m wondering if it’s too late to get an invite – I did already sign up (just too recently, perhaps but then I might be impatient to use this!).

  • Jan

    First, thanks for invite. The app looks really great!

    As i could notice, you use netinstall, which installs the app inside %APPDATA% folder and somewhere else too. Is there a way to use it more like Portable App from USB-Key? That would be awesome!

  • RossCooney

    I am really impressed with SourceTree for Windows. Thanks! it beats the quagmire of TortoiseGit.

    We use git, HG, Bazaar and SVN in our extended development teams. Do you know when you will roll out support for these other repos?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      We’re looking at rolling out Hg support as soon as we can. The beta only has Git support because that’s the most popular, and to support immediately as well would’ve taken too much time – we wanted to get something to the community sooner. We don’t currently support Bazaar in the Mac version and neither SVN. We use git-svn in the Mac version as a bridge between the two.

  • Malina

    Aw, gawd, my, oh, uh! I just can’t believe this is happening. It’s like giving a glass of water to someone in hell.

  • Giovanni Candido da Silva

    Any Plans for Linux?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      Hi Giovanni. We’ve mentioned this in other comments, no plans for Linux yet (but there’s been lots of interest). For now we’re focussing on Windows and Mac platforms.

  • Taichiro Yoshida

    Does Windows version has an integration with bitbucket repository?

  • dataich

    Does Windows version has an intergration with bitbucket repository?

    • Kieran Senior [SourceTree]

      Yup, there’s options on various screens to do so 🙂

      • Taichiro Yoshida

        Great! Is there a feature auto-generating public and private key for bitbucket ? Because It is difficult to generate keys for light user. And I have a plan for git and bitbucket workshop for web-designer.

  • Nikhil

    When will i get the invite ????

  • ABe

    Did anyone try it on Vista? I see it’s not supported, but does it work?

  • Anonymous

    I think a Linux release would have been much nicer to have before Windows.

    Let’s see you guys support all three. Don’t forget to supply it through a PPA for Ubuntu a-la mongo, node and heroku.

    And don’t forget to have new packages out with new releases the way virtualbox does! 😉

  • chrisc0

    Can we please have an option to re enable the staging view… where it was possible to drag files to staging… I find the new version of source tree with check boxes to not be very nice to work with… It was better before… thanks

  • Alferov Vyacheslav

    I have an error on launch v 1.8.1: ssh agent code -1, Object reference not set