SourceTree for Windows 1.5

By on April 7, 2014

With SourceTree 1.4.0 for Windows released just a few weeks ago, we’re excited to announce that 1.5.0 is ready to go. We’ve been steadily playing catchup with the Mac version and we’re happy to ship some highly requested features.


Interactive rebase

The interactive rebase feature is now available on SourceTree for Windows. Need to mess with your local commits before you go and push them? Go ahead! To use this feature you can either click the Repository menu and hit Interactive rebase to rebase from your last upstream commit, or right-click on a commit in the log and go to Rebase children of <sha> interactively.



A more flexible option to Git’s submodules, subtree allows you to carry out a whole host of tasks when including other repositories into your own repository. You can pull down changes, or even commit and push changes to an unrelated repository. Like submodules, you can add a subtree either from the sidebar or from the Repository menu.


Tab reordering

Keeping your tabs organized is an absolute must when dealing with a lot of repositories. To help with that you can now reorder your tabs; Just drag and drop them to wherever you want.


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We’re hiring a SourceTree development team lead

By on February 26, 2014

Come join us at Atlassian and work on SourceTree, our free Git & Mercurial client for Windows and Mac! We’re looking for a development team lead to help change the way people develop software and spread the adoption of Git and Mercurial. You will be working in a fast paced environment where every line of code you write will be appreciated by a developer community of millions.

SourceTree team photo

You will be responsible for leading a small team of passionate developers who are tasked with designing and implementing the best Git and Mercurial client on the planet. In this role you will spend 70% of your time working on improving the product and 30% of the time leading your team. If you have previous team leading experience, great –  if not, this is a great opportunity to give it a go.

What you will do:

Key skills:

This is what we look for in every Atlassian:

Apply today

SourceTree for Windows 1.4 released!

By on January 29, 2014

To celebrate the new year (admittedly a little belatedly), how about a new major version of SourceTree for Windows? We have a doozy for you to start off 2014.


git-svn support


You can now use SourceTree for Windows to interoperate with your old Subversion projects via git-svn. This works by letting you work with a Git repository locally, but you can interact with a remote SVN repository via clone, push, and pull, thereby combining the benefits of a fast and flexible local DVCS, while still collaborating effectively with your projects that are still running legacy repositories.

Command line interface

You can now call SourceTree.exe from wherever you installed it on the command line, and by default it will open up the nearest containing repository for your current directory. You can also specify a different path, and ask SourceTree to immediately navigate to certain views or run certain commands, like so:

SourceTree [-f path] [ <command> [<command_params>] ]

The commands you can use are as follows:

clone <url>
Opens the clone dialog with the provided URL.
Opens the repository at the File Status view.
Opens the repository at the Log view
search [<pattern>]
Opens the repository at the Search view. If <pattern> is specified, immediately searches for that text.
filelog <file>
Opens the repository and then opens the log for <file>.
Opens the repository and immediately goes to the commit dialog.

You might wish to add SourceTree’s install directory to your path to make this accessible anywhere.



Thanks to your response to our call for translators, SourceTree for Windows 1.4 now comes in six languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Russian. The latter three are not 100 percent complete yet, but the major elements are translated; If you’d like to help fill in the remaining blanks, please join in the translation effort!

Patch file support

You can now create and apply patches within SourceTree – You can work effectively with patches comprised of uncommitted working state, and with patches containing one or more complete commits. SourceTree gathers all the options for generating a patch into an easy interface, and does the work of recognizing the relative paths and strip options when you’re applying a patch so you don’t have to work it out manually.

You can find the patch features on the Actions menu, labelled Create Patch and Apply Patch.

Archive support

Would you like to export a full copy of your source without all the Git/Mercurial history and metadata, either at the current state or at some other point in history? Archive is the feature you need for that, available either on the main menu (Repository > Archive), or on the context menu against a commit in the log (right-click a commit and pick Archive).


We want to make SourceTree an even better product for you, and to do this we’d love your help in finding out how you use our product. In the latest version you’ll get a popup asking if it’s OK to gather some data about how you use the product. We want to emphasize that no personal data is taken whatsoever.


We also added a bunch of other smaller things, such as:

We hope you like the new version of SourceTree for Windows!


SourceTree for Mac 1.8 – Subtree Support & Mavericks Improvements

By on December 11, 2013

We’re happy to announce the release of SourceTree 1.8 for Mac. This release includes the much anticipated Subtree support and important Mavericks updates to improve stability.


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Submodules were a feature of Git that many people had trouble working with and so subtrees were introduced as a way to solve many of the problems submodules introduced. We’re happy to announce that you can do all of this right from within SourceTree with a little zest added to make subtrees even easier to manage.

Subtree support in SourceTree

SourceTree stores subtree metadata so you can simply pull commits from your remote into your subtree without having to provide the same information over and over. Take a look at Atlassian’s blog “Alternatives To Git Submodule: Git Subtree” to find out more information about how to use Subtree with Git.

Mavericks Updates and Fixes

With a big thanks to the community we’ve been able to track down any outstanding compatibility issues with Mavericks. Version 1.8 of SourceTree includes a fix for the ‘error on commit’ issue, as well as startup crashes that a small number of users were experiencing.


We want to make SourceTree an even better product for you, our users, and to do this we’d love your help in finding out how you use our product. In version 1.8 you’ll get a popup asking if it’s OK to gather some data about how you use the product. We want to emphasize that no personal data is taken whatsoever.

Other fixes / updates


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Help translate SourceTree for Windows!

By on December 9, 2013


Wouldn’t it be great if you could use SourceTree for Windows in your own language? We have a couple of translations in SourceTree for Mac (Japanese and French), but so far for Windows we’ve only supported English. Today, we’re asking you to help us fix that.

Translate SourceTree for Windows to your Language

We don’t speak anywhere near as many languages as we’d like to, and the Babel Fish sadly remains a fictional creature, so we need the help of native language speakers to make this happen. You can contribute your translations to the SourceTree for Windows Translation Project – signing up is easy, and you can get started in no time.

We’ve added a selection of languages we’d like to support initially, but we may add more later depending on demand;

If you’re a speaker of one of those languages, please sign up with Transifex, click a language, and start translating! You can also vote on existing translated strings if someone else got there first.

There are two sets of strings for SourceTree for Windows: ‘Labels’ which (unsurprisingly) are mostly about labels in screens, and ‘Messages’ which are mostly longer messages displayed in dialogs. When you’re translating, if you see placeholders like {0} and {1}, these are variable pieces of text such as file names or branch names which are added at run-time, so please make sure you add those placeholders in to your translation too.

Translate SourceTree

Thanks for helping us get SourceTree translated into your language. Look for the i18n release during the first part of 2014 to help bring in the new year!

SourceTree For Windows 1.3 Released

By on October 29, 2013


We’ve just posted a great new feature release for SourceTree for Windows which we think you’ll like; this time the focus is on extensibility and integration. Here’s a quick rundown of the main features:

Custom actions

Now you can create your own custom menu items so you can execute whatever actions you like, without ever leaving SourceTree. You can find the Custom Actions definitions in Tools > Options, where you can create actions which are either simple global scripts, or ones which are linked to repository, commit SHA or file parameters, controlling which context menu they appear on:

Custom Actions

For example, with this setup, if I right-click a log entry I get these options:

Custom Actions Menu

So now you don’t have to be satisfied with just all the features we thought were useful to put into SourceTree; you can add your own too. Productivity++!

It’s pretty common to include JIRA issue numbers in our commits. What if those were automatically linked to the JIRA issue so you could just click them to open it? Well, now you can, by going into your repository settings (Settings in the toolbar) and linking your repository to a JIRA project:


Once you’ve done that, mentions of that JIRA project immediately show up in your commits as links like this:

JIRA Links


Pretty cool, right? You can add as many JIRA project links as you like to a repository, hosted on any JIRA instance, so long as their project IDs are unique.

There’s more: This feature isn’t limited to JIRA; we provide simple setup for both JIRA and Crucible issues, but if you want you can just use a regular expression to identify text patterns and link them to URLs of your own construction, wherever they might live.

Continue commit mode

Some people like to make lots of code changes at once, then commit parts of their outstanding changes as multiple commits, one after the other in quick succession. If this is how you work, there’s a new option to automatically return to the commit dialog if there are still outstanding file modifications after you make a commit. You’ll find it in Tools > Options.



…and much more

There’s a ton of smaller tweaks and bug fixes included in this release as well. You can read the full release notes for details. We hope you enjoy this update!


SourceTree for Windows 1.2 is here

By on September 16, 2013


Today we’ve released another major update for SourceTree for Windows to help you be even more productive.

Hosted Repositories

Hosted Repositories Window

Now you can configure your Bitbucket, Stash and GitHub accounts in SourceTree and instantly see all your repositories on those services. Easily clone them, open the project on the web, and even create new repositories on the remote service without ever leaving SourceTree. You’ll find it in the menu under View > Show Hosted Repositories, or using the new button at the bottom right of the bookmarks panel.

Create Pull Requests


We wanted to make it easier than ever to create pull requests straight from SourceTree, so now you can! Simply click on the menu item (Repository > Create pull request) and away you go.

Cloning improvements

We’ve included some great new ways to integrate across products. Now when using the Bitbucket ‘Clone in SourceTree’  button, some extra help is given: if you’ve already got a checked-out copy of the repository you’re attempting to clone, SourceTree will show you the existing clones.


Visual improvements

We’ve made text rendering sharper, refined many of the styles so they look better on Windows 8, and improved compatibility with custom themes, particularly dark and high-contrast themes. We hope you like it!


SourceTree for Mac 1.7 – Now Available!

By on

The most recent update to SourceTree for Mac is now available, and includes a ton of great new features to make your life easier.


Create pull requests via SourceTree

We wanted to make it easier than ever to create pull requests straight from SourceTree, so now you can! Simply click on the menu item (Repository > Create pull request) and away you go.

creating a pull request


A simple new interface allows you to sign your commits or tags in Git and Mercurial. Simply enable signing, select your key, then choose when you want to sign a commit or tag.

Enable GPG signing

Command output history

Wondering what you just did, or want to learn more about the commands that are issued? You can now see all the commands that were issued while that repository window was open.

Command history

Incoming/outgoing full diff

In Mercurial you can now see all the changes you’re going to pull, before you pull them. This makes it easier to see what changes you’re going to incorporate. We’ve also reduced the amount of data that gets pulled by up to 100 percent!

Incoming full diff - hg

Improved search in hosted repositories

You can now search on any field in the hosted repositories screen, making it easier than ever to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Hosted repositories

Plus many, many other improvements


Got questions, concerns, comments? We’d love to hear from you! Grab us on Twitter @sourcetree.

SourceTree 1.0 Released, including Mercurial support

By on June 25, 2013


It’s a big day for SourceTree for Windows: we’re releasing version 1.0 into the wild today. Every developer knows that hitting 1.0 is a seminal moment for every product, and we think we’ve got a cracking release for you to check out. The full release notes have the complete story but here are the highlights:

Mercurial Support

The big headline feature in this release is support for Mercurial, finally bringing the Windows version into line with the Mac. Thanks to everyone who has been asking for this for their patience – to make up for it you get early access to a few Mercurial enhancements which are pending the next version on Mac, such as optimized, full-log previews of incoming / outgoing changes. Enjoy!

Push / Pull Counters

You can now see how many changes you have to push or pull on the toolbar and on your bookmarks. Never forget to push again!


Automatic Remote Fetching

SourceTree can now periodically fetch new commits from your default remotes in the background so you’re always up to date with what’s going on.

Stage / Unstage Shortcut Buttons

By popular request we added some extra buttons to make staging / unstaging at a file level faster in git.


…and lots more!

We really hope you enjoy this milestone release of SourceTree for Windows. Let us know what you think!


Note: if you’re still on, please see our previous blog post for how to update.

Say Hello @ WWDC 2013

By on June 6, 2013

From June 10 – 14, SourceTree developer Kieran Senior will be at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

This will be Kieran’s first time at WWDC, and he’d love to meet you! Shoot the breeze, get your questions answered, or just share some SourceTree love. Plus, he’s got a SourceTree t-shirt with your name all over it.

How can you resist this face?

Kieran Senior

Didn’t get a WWDC ticket? Can’t find him at the event? No worries, Kieran will be around for some WWDC parties during the week. You can catch him at: